The Impact Automator

Everything You Need to Amplify Your Impact

The Impact Automator is our all-in-one business automation software that helps you get more profit, more clients, and more time.

You do what you do best, and let The Impact Automator do the rest.

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Fill your calendar and delight your clients

You need more than just a website to grow your business. Expanding your reach and helping more people needs an ecosystem of tech solutions, working together.

The Impact Automator helps simplify your operations, amplify your impact, and make a difference in the world.

All-In-One Platform

Change makers often feel like they are running on the spot, working incredible hours and going nowhere.

Your business has a lot of moving pieces – attracting potential clients, making sales, and delivering value to existing clients.

One factor that plays a major role in how much impact you have is whether you’re using time-saving technology.

Trying to learn and pay for multiple pieces of software is a waste of your time and money.

The Impact Automator is an all-in-one platform that simplifies and streamlines your business operations.

Step-By-Step Onboarding

When you first get signed up on any new platform, understanding everything it does can be a bit overwhelming.

That’s why we created a step by step onboarding process designed to help you get started.

For each of your first 14 days, you receive a quick lesson designed to give you a short overview of one of the platform’s features.

At the bottom of each lesson, there is a button that takes you to our support portal for a deeper dive on the subject.

This process helps you navigate the platform and become a pro in no time.

Personalised Support

As business owners, we understand the challenges that technology can bring. Luckily, as technology experts, we also know the solutions.

We are here to help you succeed, no matter what stage your business is at. Support options include:

Access to our comprehensive training and support portal – available right inside your platform.

Quick and easy Support Ticket submission with personalised response during business hours.

Purchase of one-on-one live video support.

Amplify your impact with The Impact Automator

Think of a place where you have access to everything you need to amplify your impact on the world.

A place where you can nurture prospective clients and delight existing ones.

A place where you can deliver your expertise through online courses.

Best of all, you don’t need to be a tech expert to run it.

Our all-in-one platform helps you automate the way you convert visitors into clients, so that you have consistent and predictable demand for the solutions you provide.

The Impact Automator gives you all the tools you need in one platform, without having to spend time and money on multiple platforms!

We don’t just offer software, we offer a partnership and personalised support so you can help more people.

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Capture leads using landing pages, funnels, surveys, forms, calendars, social media, & more!

Website Builder

Landing Page Builder

Surveys and Forms

Automated Appointment Booking

Social Media Management

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Automatically send messages to leads via voicemail, SMS, emails, FB Messenger & more!

Email Marketing

2-Way SMS Marketing

Marketing Automation

Facebook Messenger

Reputation Management

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Use our built-in tools to collect payments, schedule appointments, and track conversations!

Sales Funnels & Pipelines

Collect Payments

Automated Appointment Booking


Sales Automations

Home - Deliver


Create online courses and membership areas, so you can share your expertise with the world.

Client Management

Workflow Automations

Online Courses

Online Membership Sites

Automated Appointment Booking

Are you ready to grow your business online?

You can start to expand your reach and help more people with three easy steps.

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Start Your Subscription

Subscribing is easy – simply click on any of the Get Started buttons and enter your details. After your payment has been confirmed, you will be entered into our comprehensive onboarding process.


Your Onboarding Call

As a part of your onboarding process, you will receive a link to book your one-hour onboarding call. Together, we will walk through The Impact Automator and set-up your account.

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Start Amplifying

Now that your account is set up, you are ready to take on the world! Your pre-loaded funnels and automations are available for you to start making your own. Remember, you are not alone – if you need anything, our help is only a click away.