Amplify Your Impact

You need more than just a website to grow your business

Expanding your reach and helping more people needs an ecosystem of tech solutions, working together.

Our proven 5 step system, partnered with our all-in-one platform, The Impact Automator, will help you amplify your impact and make a difference in the world.

The Impact Matrix

Change makers often feel like they are running on the spot, working incredible hours and going nowhere. There are two factors that play a major role in how much impact you have: whether you’re using time-saving technology and whether you’re effectively delegating to the right people.


Fruitless Hustle

Without effective delegation, you end up doing almost everything yourself. But despite the effort you put in, it won’t be enough. You’re on the hamster wheel of busy, likely overwhelmed and frustrated. 

Chained Capability

You have a great team, but lack of appropriate technology is slowing them down or holding them back. They’re spending time on tasks that don’t get results or doing repetitive, menial tasks that are not a good use of their time.

Stalled Potential

You have time saving technology in place but you’re still not having a big impact. Perhaps the people who implemented the technology didn’t have the right skillset. This means your potential is stalled because the technology that should be saving you time, isn’t linked up correctly.

Amplified Impact

With effective delegation and time saving technology in place, you can have amplified impact without the burnout. You’re able to help more people and truly make a big difference in the world.

The Pieces of the Puzzle

There are 5 key things you need to have in place in order to amplify your impact.


Clear Offering

You need a clearly defined offering that meets the needs of your audience and goes beyond trading your time for money.

Client Journey

You need a clear map of the online journey that your clients will make, so that it is easy for them to achieve their desired outcome(s).

Smart Technology

You need the right technology, implemented correctly for the right tasks (sometimes the human touch is more appropriate).

Marketing Machine

You need to be clear about who you’re targeting, what you want to say and when and where you want to say it. This can then be automated.

Effective Delegation

You need to ensure your time is spent in your genius zone. Engaging the right people for the right jobs will ensure things are done correctly the first time.

5 steps to amplified impact

Follow our proven 5 step system to ensure you amplify your impact and make a difference in the world.


1. Clarify Strategy

First, we clarify your strategy. In a 2 hour workshop, we help you strategise your service, how you are going to deliver it, and who you will offer it to. This strategy will form the building blocks for your automated process.


2. Map Process

This isn’t just some simple five or six step outline. We map out every step in detail. What emails do you need? What frequency do they get sent out? What technology is used? If someone buys at this point, then where do they go?


3. Prepare Website

We prepare your website to be connected to the automation process. If you don’t have a website, we can create one. To make it easy for you, we have a comprehensive support portal and we are here to help you.


4. Build Automation

We build your automated system, either in The Impact Automator or using your existing tech suite. We test every possible scenario to make sure that no matter what a client does, the system holds their hand on the journey.


5. Optimise Impact

After the launch, it is important to make sure that your automations continue to work effectively and your technology is maintained. We can take care of all of this so that you can stay focussed on your genius zone.

The Benefits

Expanding your reach and helping more people needs an ecosystem of tech solutions, working together.

Follow our proven 5 step system to ensure you amplify your impact and make a difference in the world.

When you follow our system, you get:

More Clients – You’ll have the ability to help more people, give them a positive experience, and scale your impact.

More Profit – You’ll have amplified profits from the scalable tech in place that makes money while you sleep.

More Time – You’ll have more personal freedom and more balance, enabling you to keep making a difference without burning out.

Are you ready to amplify your impact?

The Impact Amplifiers can help you take your coaching or consulting business to the next level.

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