About Us

Helping Make a Difference

The Impact Amplifiers was founded by Alison Hartman, a successful consultant who has used all the systems we manage to grow her own company.

We love helping people grow their business and make a positive difference in the world.

With clients who can be found across the world, we support purpose-driven coaches and consultants as they amplify their impact with more clients, more profit, and more time.

Alison would love to talk with you about your online systems, and see if we can help take some of the work off your plate – letting you focus on the parts of your business that you love so you can stay in your genius zone.

Alison Hartman

Founder & Digital Consultant

A successful consultant and self-identified computer nerd, Alison loves using the power of technology to automate repetitive business tasks, so her clients can work in their genius zone and scale their business.

Her first programming course was in high school (think 80’s and saving to a cassette tape!) and she has been building websites and making computer systems hum ever since.

Alison is proud to be a Specialist Consultant Member of The Xfactor Collective social impact community.

She loves being surrounded by animals and has a special soft spot for donkeys.

Bec Boyce

Digital Consultant

A true Gen Y, Bec fell in love with coding and has been creating online interfaces since the days of AOL and MySpace. She loves structure and processes and also has a strong creative streak.

She loves building automated systems, making social media posting easier, and helping clients change the world.

Her favourite things are spending time with her kids, Harry Potter, and all things Lego.


I love my new website. Thank you so much for making the whole process so clear. I am really looking forward to our next project together.

~ Amy

There are so many little things to look out for. I had tried doing it myself, but trying to fix the issues I came across was beyond me. It was so nice to work with someone who knows what they are doing.

~ John

Having a thorough review and checklist is great. It helped me understand what needed to be done, and Alison was great in explaining what things meant and how we could fix things.

~ Nic

Thank you for my new online strategy map. It makes such a difference to know where I am going and why.

~ Penny